Mie prefecture; one of the best prefectures to do Business In Japan

How many prefectures in Japan do you know?

I suppose, many people know urban areas such as Tokyo and Osaka. The topic of this article is Mie prefecture, one of the best prefectures in Japan for doing business. You’ll understand the attractiveness of Mie prefecture after reading this article.

Mie prefecture is located in the center of Japan. Some might know popular sightseeing spots like Ise Jingu, Japan’s most sacred Shinto Shrine and Suzuka circuit, the international racing course. Is takes 3 hours from Mie to Tokyo by trains. It has the International port, Yokkaichi port which has 17 routes to the world.

Mie has strength in manufacturing industry. It ranked 1st in shipment value of manufactured goods per capita in 2014, and 2nd in 2015 after Aichi prefecture, according to Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 2015 Industrial Statistics. For the shipment value of manufactured goods, Mie has strength in the industry of electronic equipment and parts, transport equipment, and petrochemical products.

According to Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the industrial land price of Mie is cheaper than not only that of Tokyo but also that of neighboring prefectures such as Aichi and Gifu.

We support people who consider setting up an office first to start a business. Requirements for applying are simple: the foreign capital of the company should be more than 50% and the office size should be more than 15㎡. When meeting the requirements and passing our screening, the subsidy will be offered to the company. If you think of an investment bigger than 500 million yen, please consult us for details.

One-stop service for foreign-affiliated firms was established in 2016. It offers full support.


Now you know the business opportunities of Mie prefecture. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Read the details here: Mie Prefectural Government

This Post was written by Tomomi Shima, Mie prefectural government FDI coordinator. Feel free to connect and ask questions.