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Welcome to the BIJ job board!

Are you seeking good people for open roles related to Japan? Whether you are based in Japan or overseas, the BIJ job board is the perfect platform to connect with the best candidates for your open positions.

To ensure the highest quality of postings, we ask that all companies meet the following criteria before posting:

  • Japan Related: The role being advertised must be directly related to Japan.
  • A Real Opportunity: The company must have an approved headcount and budget to hire or contract resources and must be clear about the type of engagement, remuneration, and benefits for the role.
  • Responsive, you care: The company must be committed to responding to all applicants who show interest in the job.
  • Minimum level of income: The company must be willing to hire full-time employees with a yearly salary of at least 5 million yen, including junior positions, and 500,000 JPY per month minimum for contract roles.
  • Open to location & language level: The company must be open to hiring candidates who reside overseas, or who have conversational or lower Japanese speaking skills. The Business In Japan community is global and this can increase the number of applications.
  • A global company: The company must be or aspire to be a global company by being open to relocating candidates from overseas, having a clear Diversity policy (DEIB), offering language support, and having a reputation for these things.

We assess all registered companies to ensure they meet these criteria before posting on our curated job board. Currently, posting a job is free of charge. However, we offer additional services such as the “Done for you” remote Recruitment Service or full RPO service (Talent Acquisition as a Service) for businesses that require more assistance with the hiring process. We also offer a wide range of other business services delivered through BIJ Service Partners, which can be requested by businesses.

Once registered, we will contact you to provide any clarifications or information on the next steps to post jobs on the BIJ Job Board. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

You’ll be able to register your business now via an online registration soon.

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Can’t find what you need?

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