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What is the Market Readiness Framework?

Two major sporting events, Japan Rugby 2019 and Tokyo 2020 are just around the corner, with the Osaka World Expo following in 2025. It’s the ideal time to get your brand noticed not just by Japan, but by the whole world. It is a market watched globally for its trends and technological innovations, that is also a hotbed of tourists and loyal Japanese consumers. Never mind that Japan itself is the third largest market in the world by GDP.

Tokyoesque has developed a Market Readiness Framework that can help businesses on any stage of their Japan journey.

What does this measure?

The External

Campaign: Loud, widespread trends often get a lot of hype andspoken of – and you’ll see the media dominating thespread of these.

Social Media: The widespread outward behaviour of individualscan be analysed through social media analysis.

The Internal

Depth Interviews: One-to-one interviews with consumers enable us to get to the heart of the individual and (often private) opinions and beliefs.
Cultural Relevance: Cultural attitudes are both macro – they permeate the whole of society – and hidden – they are often unspoken assumptions.

Tokyoesque’s new, free e-book will guide you towards a deeper understanding of how to appeal to your potential or existing Japanese customers, through a culturally-focused lens.

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