5 Reasons Invest In Mie Prefecture

Global Companies in Mie: Promat Japan Corp.

There are many global companies in Mie prefecture. I would like to introduce one of those companies. What are the reasons why they decide to operate in Mie?

Promat Japan Corp.

Company Description

Promat Japan Corp. is a Japanese subsidiary of Etex, the Belgian housing materials maker. It has manufactured and sold Microtherm; microporous thermal insulation materials in Japan since 1983. In 2014, they moved their head office from Tokyo to Tsu City, Mie, as well as founded a new factory there to accommodate the growth of their business.

A Message from Promat Japan Corp: Why We Chose to Do Business in Mie

The location of Mie prefecture has excellent infrastructure including international airports, port, and highways, which makes it the best location for business. Mie is an easy place to live, which isn’t true of metropolitans areas. Mie prefecture also makes an effort to attract companies, especially foreign-affiliated firms. From selecting the location to introducing labor power, it offers extensive support including subsidies. Revitalize local regions with us in Mie!

Establishment 1983
Business high-performance thermal insulation
Headquarter 2202-2 Syoda-cho Tsu, Mie 514-1255 Japan
URL http://www.promat-hpi.com/en


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This article was written by Tomomi Shima, Mie prefectural government FDI coordinator. Feel free to connect her via email or LinkedIn to ask questions.

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