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Selling in Japan: E-commerce Landscape in Japan [Summary]

This is a summary of the e-commerce landscape in Japan and the three marketing trends you should know before selling products online in Japan from btrax’s blog, freshtrax. You can read the full article here.

  • Japan ranks as the world’s 4th largest e-commerce market following China, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
  • It might be difficult to reach a large audience and generate sales unless you already have strong brand awareness. One solution to increase your company’s brand awareness is to sell your products on a marketplace where your target audience can already be found.

Top Japanese B2C e-commerce marketplaces
Data is from June 2019.

  1. Rakuten: 
    • Total annual sales: 3.43 trillion JPY (31.7 billion USD)
    • 365.37 million monthly site visits
      • It holds a huge and loyal customer base with over 100 million members.
      • Rakuten offers a vast e-commerce marketplace along with a variety of services including mobile payments, online banking, insurance, online travel booking, music streaming, video streaming, job boards, e-books, etc.
      • Approximately 70% of members use Rakuten services at least once a year.
  2. Amazon: 
    • Total annual sales: 2.75 trillion JPY (25.42 billion USD)
    • 519.72 million monthly site visits
  3. Yahoo! Shopping: 
    • Total annual sales: 731 billion JPY (6.76 billion USD)
    • 78.99 million monthly site visits
    • Total annual sales: 308 billion JPY (2.85 billion USD)
    • 29.43 million monthly site visits
      • It is the largest fashion-focused e-commerce marketplace in Japan with more than 7,000 brands selling on it.
      • Over 8 million people make purchases on ZOZOTOWN annually.
  5. Wowma!: 
    • Total annual sales: 99 billion JPY (915 million USD)
    • 17.77 million monthly site visits
      • It is a new marketplace that launched in 2017.
      • Many of Wowma!’s main users are young women who also use au.
  6. Qoo10: 
    • total annual sales: 93 billion JPY (859 million USD)
    • 9.66 million monthly site visits
      • was acquired by eBay in 2018 and is currently operated by eBay Japan.
      • Its customer base overlaps with Wowma!’s as it is very popular among young women.

The e-commerce landscape in Japan

  • In 2018, the total size of the Japanese e-commerce market was 166 billion USD (1 USD = 108.37 JPY).
  • The Japanese e-commerce market is broken into 3 categories: 51.7% retail, 37.0% services, and 11.3% digital content

3 marketing trends you should know before selling products online in Japan

  1. Consumers expect lower prices on the internet
    • In Japan, 45% of products are cheaper online, 48% of products are the same price as brick and mortar stores, and 7% of products are cheaper at brick and mortar stores.
    • Japanese online stores typically lower prices because online shopping is not a very popular shopping method for many Japanese consumers.
  2. The rise of the C2C market
      • The market size of the second-hand C2C marketplace was estimated at 5.9 billion USD in 2018 (1 USD = 108 JPY).
      • The market has substantially grown in the past 6 years since the first second-hand C2C marketplace app was launched in 2012. 
      •  The online auction market size in 2018 was approximately 9.34 billion USD.
      • The estimated online auction market size has continued to grow even after the rise of second-hand C2C marketplaces because the motivation of the sellers and buyers are different in these two marketplaces
  3. Seniors are shopping on mobile
        • According to a research paper by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, 85.5% of Japanese people in their 40s and 72.2% in their 50s owned a smartphone in 2017.
        • The research paper also stated that the monthly consumption expenditure of those in their 50s is 2,700 USD while for those in their 20s, it is 1,570 USD.
        • 27.7% of the Japanese population are people older than 65 years old.

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This article was summarized by btrax’s own Julie Saephan. Julie works in Marketing and strives to connect businesses and consumers together through marketing and brand management.