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Summary: How social media is being used to successfully promote international trade and investment

  • Organizations supporting international trade and investment facilitation are “exploring new platforms and showing greater confidence in their abilities to use social media effectively”
  • Social media can be a great way to connect with customers abroad, building your brand, provide services and reduce the distance between you and your customers overseas.
  • The prime steps in establishing a presence include defining your goals and how your social presence can help you achieve them, choosing the right channels, planning a content strategy, choosing people to manage day-to-day operations and regular updates – and importantly, constant monitoring.

Seek to emulate the World Economic Forum

  • Perhaps the most successful example of social media use by an organization seeking to facilitate international trade and investment is the World Economic Forum (WEF).
  • The WEF has established a robust social media presence to promote its’ work on a global scale.  
  • WEF’s prime social media activity is content from their blog.
  • The WEF social media team actively promote across their branded social networks
  • The social media success of its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland is a prime example of the fantastic success the WEF social media team have helped the organization achieve on a global scale.
  • As one of the world’s pre-eminent trade and investment facilitation organizations that’s also successfully leveraged social media to amplify its’ message and achieve its’ goals — the WEF is well worth emulating.

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