Business In Japan June Networking Event: Japan Real Estate for Investment or Home Ownership


June 27, 2017    
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


7-14-5, Roppongi Yamato bldg.3F, Tokyo, JAPAN, Roppongi, Minato-ku,
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After a busy Golden Week in May, we’re back for the June Business In Japan Networking event.

Have you thought about buying property in Japan from time to time, but haven’t got around to investigating what’s going to be involved?

Maybe it’s time to think about directing that rent money to your own place, newer, larger &/or closer to the station? Or perhaps you have built up some money and you’re thinking about where you can put a bit of it, not too much perhaps, where it will earn more than the ‘not even keeping up with inflation’ reality of Japanese banks.

Introducing two speakers, knowledgeable about Real Estate In Japan. Our guests will speak for five minutes or so each followed by a group Q&A and business social networking after.

Come along and listen to, meet and talk to Emil Gorges about home ownership in Tokyo – he knows every step and the best way to take it. Then hear Ziv Nakajima-Mangen introduce the opportunity of investing in Property outside of Tokyo that already have tenants, for as little as a few million yen.

If you have ever wanted to know a little bit more about buying real estate in Japan, this event is your chance to meet a couple of great BIJ Members who know their stuff and can answer any questions you have.

Or just come and Network with some GoodPeople around the subject of Japan and Business. See you there!

WHAT: Japan Real Estate for Investment or Home Ownership
WHEN: Tuesday, June 27th, 19:00-21:30
7-14-5, Roppongi Yamato bldg.3F Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
2mins from Roppongi station (Exit 4a)
COST: 2,000 yen ★Includes ONE DRINK then further Drinks & Food available from 500 yen★ (Yey, FOOD!)


An Introduction to Buying a House in Tokyo
Buy your own place: Emil Gorgees Owns his own place here in Japan, owns property in Australia and then he got a second place in Japan. He knows the process, knows the hoops you’ll have to jump through and has a connection with a great Japanese Real Estate agent (Also a BIJ Member!). Come hear Emil share the basics, the flow and what you need to know. Then connect with him on LinkedIn, Facebook or swap meishi – he’s a good guy to know when it’s time to look seriously at buying your own property to live in here in Japan.

As well as LinkedIn, you can follow TokyoRealty on Facebook and go along to one of Emil’s full workshops.

Investing out of Tokyo for as little as 2 Million Japanese Yen
Buy to earn money from rental: If you have thought buying property in Japan and renting it out, was out of your budget and complicated, think again. Ziv Nakajima-Magen is a partner in Nippon Tradings International (NTI) in Fukuoka and can help you get started investing in Japanese property for as little as 2 million yen. At the very least you need to connect with Ziv so that in the future you know he’s available.

If you are not a resident of Japan, you can still buy property here:
NTI (Nippon Tradings International) is a proxy and buyers’ agency, representing investors interested in purchasing real-estate in Japan. From the initial needs identification and properties search and refinement, through negotiation, ownership transfer and payment, and onwards into renovation, rent management, and portfolio management – NTI is a one-stop-shop, and your gateway to Japanese realty.

Ziv and NTI are Blogging and sharing info on BIJ Blog. The latest post is:

Japan Real Estate Property Investment Market – Part 1

THIS EVENT SUPPORTED BY Humble Bunny, Official BIJ Business Partners for Web Services and more!!

And Special thanks to Raja Niiba for offering up his Bar for the Venue, when I lost availability at the planned venue not least because I had to make a family emergency run to Australia which threw out my planning!

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