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App Development in Japan, A Love Story II

The second in a series of articles by Marc Cellucci covering smartphone app development in Japan, from the very beginning up until today. Highlights of this article include:

  • An analysis of how a seemingly good app idea can lead to dramatic failure.
  • 5 tips on how to prevent the same kind of failure.
  • How flexibility can turn a failure into future successes.

Read the full article on LinkedIn, and be sure to check back for the his updates as well.

Marc Cellucci is a veteran of the video game and app development industries on both sides of the Pacific. He started at SEGA in 1999, where he worked on the Dreamcast Network,, and SegaNet. After moving to Japan and gaining fluency in the language, he joined Koei in Japan as a Marketing Manager, and then returned to SEGA as a producer in the AM3 arcade division.

In 2008, he left SEGA and founded Mission One (, a Tokyo-based dev house that focuses on two main business areas: software development (mainly focusing on smartphone app development) and the localization of Japanese entertainment content.