LinkedIn - Japan Audience June 2023

Where the rubber hits the road with LinkedIn, Social Media

Why are you interested in Business Networking at all?

The mindset that will help you on LinkedIn more than any other I believe, is that it’s an Active sport, not just a Passive ‘post & hope’ kind of thing, or worse, a place to self promote, a broadcast platform or a half baked attempt at SEO/Website traffic generation.

Sure you need a profile that puts up no Red Flags when people click on it for a 7 second look on their smart phone, that presents you how you want to be perceived & if you’re job hunting or selling something, tells effectively who you are, what you’re capable of & how you can help others.

Beyond that though, my philosophy (and I implore you) stop worrying about all the things outside your control on LinkedIn and Social Media like ‘tweaking your profile, 100%!’ & ‘being found’, and do the hard yards (which just means take a bit of time & effort) and do three things consistently:

1. Regularly ask yourself and be able to articulate what you want out of business Networking. Not all time on Social Media, on LinkedIn has to have a professional goal. When it does though, never lose sight of the fact you are in fact, just Networking toward a real & defined goal. Base all your business networking related activity on your ‘why’.
2. Research, research, research: Industries, Companies, roles in Companies, People in those roles, People connected to People. I estimate 80-90% of people don’t do this at all, let alone effectively (excluding the most proactive of business development professionals, and any recruiter worth his salt of course).
3. Proactively reach out to people in a non-threatening, not ‘all about me’ way, don’t sell anything, just ‘Network’ to start with. Like you’re meeting, casually but professionally in person for the first time.

Multiply the above exponentially with ‘Massive Action’ – don’t do it 10-20 times, do it 100-200 times, do it constantly. Coupled with being very clear & concise how people can help you, over time & at the right time, you will grow exactly the type of network of people, real people with real relationships focused on how you can help each other, that you want to (see point 1.)

LinkedIn, Social Media for business I suspect, is that simple, that misunderstood.

Business In Japan Bonus Tip & Comment:
“What about in Japan though?” I get asked a lot. “Japanese don’t use LinkedIn right?”

If you are interested in connecting with GoodPeople on LinkedIn, in Japan, I just checked (May 30th, 2023) and there are 3.6M+ Profiles with their Profiles currently set to Japan, in English and 2.4M+ Profiles in Japan, in Japanese*.

Let me tell you, with the targeted approach I recommend above, you will never run out of people to contact who are currently in Japan – and the best, most important thing? Everyone you succeed in connecting with in Japan… are all connected to many, many other people in Japan, and those connections don’t need to be on LinkedIn for you to have a chance of meeting them!

*most will be included in the English count too

LinkedIn Audience - Japan

This Post was written by Jason Ball, a “Fixer” and people Connector, with nearly 20 years living in Japan, PROactive Japan focused member of LinkedIn since 2/2004 and owner of the Business In Japan | LinkedIn group Founded 2/2008 | 79,000+ members as at 5/2023, 33%+ in Japan.