Top Japan Business and Professional Life Podcasts in 2023

For many ex-pats and foreign entrepreneurs, Japan offers a land of opportunity blended with unique cultural intricacies. Starting and nurturing a business here can often feel like navigating a maze with its set of challenges and rewards. While there are countless articles and blogs on the internet, podcasts have emerged as a favored medium for many. Offering insights, firsthand experiences, stories, and advice, these English-language podcasts are invaluable for those looking to thrive in the Japanese business landscape. Below you can find a list of podcasts that will guide your entrepreneurial journey in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Founded in Japan:

Paul Chapman, Jason Ball, Nalin Advani, Ilya Kulyatin, and Haruka Takamori collectively host the podcast “Founded In Japan” With an aim to uncover the unique challenges and opportunities of establishing a business in the Japanese landscape, this podcast sheds light on fundraising, strategy, sales, marketing, recruitment & retention and many more aspects related to running your own startup in Japan. The hosts not only share their personal journeys but also bring in a diverse range of guests from the startup ecosystem to offer varied perspectives.

Scaling Japan Podcast

The Scaling Japan Podcast is a prominent podcast that delves into the intricacies of business in Japan. Featuring a lineup of business experts and seasoned entrepreneurs, this podcast offers invaluable insights to those keen on achieving success in the Japanese market. Hosted by 3x  entrepreneur, Tyson Batino, who is now a business advisor/coach in Japan and also provides a marketing agency service in Japan the show provides a space for professionals from various fields to share their experiences and strategies for scaling businesses in Japan. 

Disrupting Japan:

Disrupting Japan is a remarkable podcast that sheds light on Japan’s dynamic startup landscape. The host, Tim Romero, provides an engaging perspective on the subject matter, delving deeper into the stories of innovation, the ups and downs of startups, and the innovators who are reshaping the business scene. The podcast gives an honest and insightful look into the startup culture in Japan beyond the glitz and glamour. For anyone seeking to understand or take part in Japan’s startup scene, Disrupting Japan is a valuable resource that offers a wealth of knowledge and information.

Now and Zen Japan

A very interesting blend of business, culture, and arts. The Now and Zen Japan podcast shares the many success and failure stories of entrepreneurs in Japan. From picking up a traditional lost art to the forefront of Japanese technology, this podcast covers a variety of topics. The Host, Andrew Hankin, dives deep into the story of each guest and gets them to provide valuable insights that they might not have revealed in other podcasts. 

The FocusCore Podcast

For those interested in something more HR-focused in Japan, The FocusCore Podcast offers just that. Hosted by David Sweet, an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience doing business in Japan. This podcast brings together a range of voices from the Japanese corporate world, including company presidents, CEOs, CFOs, HR professionals, and consultants. 

Lawyer on Air Podcast

Navigating the legal landscape in Japan can be a challenge, but Catherine O’Connell’s “Lawyer on Air Podcast” aims to simplify it. The podcast offers insights into legal regulations, challenges, and practices related to professional life in Japan. Entrepreneurs and professionals can gain a better understanding of the legalities to ensure their business operations remain compliant. Catherine also invites many female lawyers in Japan to discuss their stories with her audience, making this a unique podcast even in the business scene.

Jandals in Japan

Hosted by Jayne Nakata & Catherine O’Connell, Jandals in Japan offers listeners a unique blend of personal stories, experiences, and business insights from individuals who have made Japan their home. It’s more than just business strategies; it’s about the journey of adapting, overcoming cultural barriers, and finding success in the heart of Japan. This podcast provides a well-rounded view of living and doing business in Japan.

Tech Shift F9

Host by Maurizio Raffone, the Tech Shift F9 podcast is dedicated to career transitions into, with, or influenced by technology. Ideal for tech enthusiasts, professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs, this podcast provides a deep dive into the stories of how even bankers and dancers become tech entrepreneurs. 

eXponential Finance

Hosted by Norbert Gehrke, eXponential Finance is a podcast produced in co-operation with Tokyo FinTech. It not only provides financial and Fintech insights but also intends to inspire the Japanese Fintech scene to innovate and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.

Lance E. Lee Podcast from Tokyo

As the name suggests, this YouTube podcast channel is hosted by Lance E. Lee. While some of the episodes are business-related, many more are life-related episodes. It serves as a perfect place for people who have an interesting story to share in their journey in Japan.

Langley Esquire

A YouTube channel that discusses law and politics in Japan. Created by Timothy Langley and the company Langley Esquire, this podcast provides informative videos on the laws and politics in Japan, and how you can navigate the public landscape in Japan.

Business Success Japan

Hosted by Lydia Beukelman, this podcast is for those who want to improve their communication skills while learning about the latest trends in Japan. By interviewing and extracting tips from experts in the Japanese business scene, this podcast will equip you with the necessary skills to succeed in your business venture in Japan. Lydia now has over 70 episodes in the podcast, covering different topics ranging from founding startups to business communication. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone in this podcast.

Japan Business Mastery Show

Hosted by Dr. Greg Story, who has over 30 years of experience doing sales in Japan. His books “Japan Sales Mastery”, “Japan Business Mastery” and “Japan Presentations Mastery” are all Amazon’s #1 Bestsellers. This podcast teaches everything you need to know about doing business in Japan. From communicating with Japanese clients to selling your products, this show will teach you all the skills you would want to succeed in Japan.

JETRO Invest Japan

Produced by the renowned Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), JETRO Invest Japan is a comprehensive guide to the investment landscape in Japan. From understanding investment opportunities to navigating challenges, this podcast is a treasure trove of information for anyone considering investing or expanding their business in Japan.

Japan Life & Business

Hosted by Ziv Nakajima-Magen and nipponbridge.com the Japan Life & Business channel focuses on subjects of interest to anyone planning to or considering moving to Japan such as “What’s life like for foreigners in Japan?” and “How can I move to Japan?”. Nippon Bridge helps “the professional (who is) investing in or relocating to Japan” with all of their needs – from affordable investment opportunities that open the door to a business manager visa, relocation and basic life information, relocation support, and much more!

RetireJapan – Personal Finance in Japan

RetireJapan – Personal Finance in Japan” is a YouTube channel and website that provides information on personal finance, investing, and retirement for residents of Japan. The website was started by Ben Tanaka in 2013 with the aim of helping people living in Japan learn more about personal finance and investing, improve their financial habits, and lead happier, more secure lives. The website offers a range of resources such as ebook guides, online courses, and private coaching for people who want to learn more about personal finance. The website also has a blog section that provides weekly content related to personal finance and life in Japan.

Japan Real Estate Podcast

Hosted by Ziv Nakajima-Magen, the founder of Nippon Tradings International. Ziv has extensive experience in the Japanese real estate market and this podcast discusses everything that are related to property investment in Japan. He invites guests from all walks of life to talk about interesting topics that are relevant to real estate.

Deep Dive  – The Japan Times

Deep Dive” is a podcast presented by the globally renowned newspaper, The Japan Times. Unlike many business-centric podcasts, “Deep Dive” takes a unique approach by concentrating on the broader implications of various social and economic issues and how they impact Japanese society.

The Inside Japan Podcast

Aimed at individuals interested in working in Japan, The Inside Japan Podcast caters to a diverse audience, whether they are teachers, freelancers, or employees of large corporations, the podcast offers insightful interviews with various expert guests. The goal of the podcast is to make the experience of working in Japan enjoyable and fulfilling. It serves as a comprehensive guide for those looking to understand and thrive in the Japanese work environment.

Tofugu Podcast:

Designed for those interested in Japan and its culture, the Tofugu podcast doesn’t strictly teach Japanese but provides insights on how to study the language more effectively. It also offers listeners travel advice, focusing on lesser-known sightseeing spots, restaurants, and experiences in Japan. 

Japan Expert Insights:

The Japan Expert Insights Podcast provides an in-depth exploration of various aspects of Japan’s business world. This podcast encompasses topics ranging from Japan’s cybersecurity challenges to perspectives from former Japanese leaders. Listeners will get a wide range of interesting topics related to the Japanese business environment.

Life as a..

The podcast “Life as a..” aims to assist individuals in exploring various professional and business pathways. Through 99 episodes, it delves into different careers globally, offering listeners insights from professionals about their jobs and industries. Topics include personal stories, challenges, trends, and the mental and physical impacts associated with the discussed professions​, with some episodes specifically focused on careers and professional life within Japan.

Simon and John Careers

The “Simon and John Careers” podcast features several episodes focusing on Japan, covering topics like social media’s impact on professional careers in Japan, a review of Japan’s job market and culture during spring, a wrap-up of economic and job market trends during January 2023 including the celebration of Japanese New Year, and insights on setting up a company in Japan. These episodes provide a blend of cultural, economic, and professional insights tailored towards Japan’s unique market and societal dynamics​1​.