Real Estate Property

Interested in Buying Property in Japan (complete with an on-the-ground buyers agent and trusted representative)?

We have one of those we know and trust in the BIJ Partner Network, that we can introduce you to.

BIJ’s trusted partner are a consultancy who are multi-lingual, international buyers’ and proxy agency, headquartered in Japan. Their mission statement is to assist investors in researching, procuring, purchasing, managing & selling real estate in Japan, as well as in expanding, fine-tuning and diversifying their portfolios to their full satisfaction.

BIJ’s trusted professional partner also believes that property buyers from any country, and at any order of capital, should be able to utilize professional and able service providers “on the ground”. They are reliable and professional partners that should be able to assist them in finding the best assets in their country and sector of choice, provide up-to-date financial data and advice, and facilitate a systemized, efficient and centralized purchase and management experience.

BIJ’s trusted partner aims to be the intelligent buyer’s top choice for these services in Japan’s real-estate sector.

Let us know if you’re interested in BIJ’s trusted partner providing Real Estate Property services, share your current situation and what you would like to achieve:

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