Business & Franchises

Business in Japan’s (BIJ’s) partner network includes a trusted consultant in Business & Franchise Investment services. BIJ’s trusted partner aims to span the business & cultural gap between Japan and the rest of the world, by supporting non-Japanese business folks in setting up, operating and profiting from various businesses in the land of the rising sun, in-person or remotely, from overseas.

BIJ’s trusted professional partner can also help you become a franchisee in a Japanese franchise chain, or set up your own business – manage and profit from your business – leverage your business investment to gain Japanese residency if required.

Japan’s wide-ranging franchise chains have decades of experience in their fields. With field-tested profitability and operational blueprints being constantly improved upon and fine-tuned, year on year, these companies know their respective businesses well.

And, since the franchise’s reputation is tied to the success of franchisees and their individual businesses, franchise HQ will “take care of business” as far as setting up each and every franchisee as far as success is concerned. Offering comprehensive training for managers and staff, providing & supporting marketing & advertising, and providing high-quality equipment purchase and rental options – they’ll hold your hand all the way, from the moment you join the franchise family, as you first open your new business’ doors to clientele, and throughout the investment life-cycle and operations.

Let us know if you’re interested in BIJ’s trusted partner in Business & Franchise Investment services, share your current situation and what you would like to achieve:

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