Business In Japan: On the way to 2020

Business In Japan: On the way to 2020


October 24, 2013    
7:00 pm - 11:45 pm


7 Chome-8-6 Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo, Kanto, 106-0032
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Six or Seven Speakers, for Six or Seven mins each, about the coming Six or Seven years in Japan

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250+ expected.

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We probably have room for 30-40 more.
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Six or Seven Speakers, for Six or Seven mins each, about the coming Six or Seven years in Japan…

Business In Japan: On the way to 2020

  • Where is Japan & Business going in the next 6-7 years, ‘on the way to 2020’?
  • What are the expected Opportunities from the speakers perspectives?
  • What are the challenges?

Come hear and meet, 6-7 of Business In Japan on LinkedIn’s core members talk, for 6-7mins each (or so) about where they think Japan is going in the next 6-7 years, what they see as the opportunities & challenges for doing Business In Japan on the way to 2020!

While the Olympics are just one factor that will influence investment, opportunity and perhaps burden on Japan’s growth and potential in the years ahead, there are so many other factors at play.

Special Bar at the back of the event venue for post talk Q&A with speakers and to get to meet them.

Keynote Speaker/Presenter:
Darrel Whitten
Darrel Whitten
Living in Japan continuously since 1971, Darrel Whitten is managing director for Investor Networks Inc., a Tokyo-based investor relations consultancy serving over 200 listed Japanese companies. He is also editor and publisher of Tokyo Takes, a blog that provides views on global financial markets from a Japan perspective. He is a former investment banker and head of research at ABN AMRO and Lehman Brothers.

Special Guest Speaker:
William Saito
William Saito
Many people know, or know of William because he’s a successful international Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist (his encryption & security technology was licensed to, then his company bought by Microsoft), from his work promoting Entrepreneurism especially for the young, for women and in Japan and from his work on the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission (NAIIC). You can read more in the links above.
I first met William at the launch of his book “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur”, a very enjoyable autobiography & from events he’s spoken at in Tokyo. I am looking forward to William’s take on where Japan & Business are heading ‘on the way to 2020’.

Other speakers from some of our most active & impressive members & managers at BIJ:

Ziv Magen
Ziv Magen labels himself an “Asia-Pacific Grasshopper” –born & raised in Israel, migrated to Australia, subsequently fell in love with Japan, and is a citizen/long term resident of all three countries. After a long career in corporate and institutional IT project management, he decided to utilize his experience & skills to invest in Japan’s exciting & profitable property market – and now assists others in doing the same

Rob Pereyda
Rob is the Founder of Business in Japan, the largest of group of its kind of the world. A creator and innovator of networks for game, animation, and comics-related content, he is a 10-year veteran of the Japanese entertainment business, having previously worked at Capcom and Crunchyroll. As the Producer and Editor-in-Chief of the ShiftyLook project at NAMCO BANDAI Games, Rob is in charge of re-imagining classic game franchises with webcomics, animation, and new games.

Michael Rofe
“Speaking of Dreams…” – We all have Dreams small ones, large ones, personal ones, public ones, for our families for our businesses. Michael Rofe a British Broadcast infrastructure specialist for sport and other genres, educated at the BBC, with 22 years in media in Japan, whilst also raising a family team of three sons here, shares on Olympic “Faster, Higher, Stronger” dreams.

Megumi Oyanagi
Also a Manager of the BIJ group, Oyanagi-san is Director, Global Marketing for Pharma service company Quintiles in Japan. Also an Advisory Board member of the CMO Council for Asia Pacific, she has also been leveraging her experience and expertise in helping Japanese business owners who are/plan to be engaged in international business, leveraging the Social Web.

…and 1-2 other speakers, details currently being confirmed!

Business Networking with a theme:
Let this subject drive your networking & start your discussions, as the short talks throughout the evening will be on purpose Pecha Kulcha style (with or without visuals! ); short, sharp & to the point, leaving plenty of time for you to build the Offline BIJ relationships & connections we are always encouraging you to.

RSVP & lock in your ticket at the elegant and convenient Venue of LE G.A in Roppongi; a unique facility we used for our last large Event (the BIJ 5th Birthday event), with great Audio Visual & plenty of booths, tables and back rooms for you to get away & talk too!

See you there folks!

BIJ Admin
Always ‘Connecting GoodPeople’

WHAT: Business In Japan: On the way to 2020
WHEN: Thursday 24th October
TIME: from 7pm til late
COST: ¥3,000 (includes 1 Drink)

WHERE: RISTORAZIONE LE G.A (Roppongi, opposite MidTown)
ADDRESS: B1 AXALL Roppongi, 7-6-6 Roppongi

LE G.A Website

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