Business In Japan October Networking Event: My Business In Japan story, your Business In Japan story


October 30, 2017    
6:30 pm - 10:00 pm


2 Chome-9-11 Higashigotanda, Tokyo, JAPAN, Shinagawa, 141-0022
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What’s your Business In Japan story?

What is your Business In/With/From, Japan story?

I think that Stories, casual case studies if you like, are interesting. How Japanese end up doing business with or working with foreigners or foreign markets, how foreigners got here, find themselves here – is perhaps something others would like to hear too, and more than that be able to walk up to them after and connect around those things of interest or that they have in common.

What do you think?

Perhaps if there is interest, in 2018 I will regularly seek out interesting GoodPeople and present them to you for 5-10mins to share their story, answer some of your questions when you hear their story and be there for you to connect with in person, around the subject of Japan and Business, and their story.

So this month, let me start with mine. I came to Tokyo in Golden Week, 2003, hit the ground running 7am the morning after, the night I touched down at Narita in the middle of Golden Week holiday and haven’t looked back.

So before Halloween-ing the next day or because you already have (the Fri/Sat before) or frankly… you don’t do Halloween, come along and listen to me for only about the usual 5-10mins, then network with everyone around the subject of Japan… and Business.

WHAT: BIJ October Networking ‘My Business In Japan story, your Business In Japan story’
WHEN: Monday, October 30th, 18:30~ (short talk will be about 7.30/7.45pm)
WHERE: EL TRES Gotanda イタリアンレストラン さくらてらす五反田
5mins from Gotanda station (JR Yamanote or Asakusa line)
COST: 2,500 yen ★Free Soft Drinks, Coffee Bar and light food is included in the price★
More food choices and Alcohol are available @ ~500 yen

SPEAKER, is me.

Jason Ball, Australian, here 14 years, married in 2011, wonderful wife, one daughter, 5yo, tenacious and bilingual.

I work in Project Management Consulting, I proactively connect the people I know with each other and have a large and active network in Tokyo and beyond. I joined LinkedIn while already networking in Tokyo in February 2004 and 5mins later I saw it for what it is even today; not a ‘Website’ but People. People I knew, people I wanted to know and people I hadn’t yet discovered that I wanted to know.

Let me share with you, a short summary of my BIJ Story.

THIS EVENT SUPPORTED BY HumbleBunny anything web and Tokyo Children’s Garden an innovative international preschool for 2–6 year olds in central Tokyo.

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