Business In Japan April Networking Event: Japan Hospitality, Retail & Service businesses – are they ready?


April 21, 2017    
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


2 Chome-9-11 Higashigotanda, Tokyo, JAPAN, Shinagawa, 141-0022
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Business in Japan are excited to announce a new Event series and venue, also trialing a FRIDAY evening; April 21st. As usual guest speakers talk for 5 minutes or so each followed by a group Q&A and networking before & especially after.

The influx of Tourists in Japan is hard to miss and things are expected to continue through to the 2020 Olympics. Many in government and business hope it will continue long after – but… are Japan’s Hospitality, Retail and Service Industries ready?

The speakers this month include two perspectives:

1) Our first speaker, BIJ Member Alex Fazel, shares his approach to the question from a perspective of training Hospitality, Retail and Service staff to feel comfortable interacting with foreigners, while also educating them on more western methods for ‘selling while helping’, achieving high Japanese service standards and employer sales goals.

2) Danny Wu / Eric Wang, Japan Branch Business Development Directors for ‘Madhouse’, will be introducing the newest trends in reaching Chinese People using the largest Mobile DSP (Demand Side Platform) Company in China.

WHAT: BIJ April Networking: Japan Hospitality, Retail & Service businesses – are they ready?
WHEN: Friday, April 21st, 19:00
WHERE: EL TRES Gotanda イタリアンレストラン さくらてらす五反田
5mins from Gotanda station (JR Yamanote or Asakusa line)
COST: 2,500 yen ★Free Soft Drinks, Coffee Bar and light food is included in the price★
More food choices and Alcohol are available @ 500 yen (Yey, FOOD!)


Alex Fazel is the founder of Chameleons 接客英語 and has worked in the Sales / Customer service field for over 2 decades. Teaming up with the top Japanese hospitality trainer for the only six star hotel in Japan, he’d like to share 3 key points on how Japanese hospitality can help further adapt to the great growth of inbound tourism.

Eric & Danny are serial entrepreneurs from the United States and England who have been tasked to develop the Japanese market for Madhouse Ad-platform. Madhouse China started in 2006 with a partnership with Japan’s own Dentsu and has grown to become the largest mobile ad solution in the Chinese Market. As explosive-buying trends are starting the die down, ‘FIT’ or Free Independent Travelers from mainland China are on the rise and will be looking to plan their travels based on what they research from the Internet.

With no Facebook / Twitter in China, mobile apps are the main part of everyone’s daily routine. However, the advertisements that appear within these apps are currently not from Japanese companies. Eric, Danny and team are working with companies based in Japan who can see value from building a relationship with Chinese Inbound tourists as cross border travels and spending are both set to increase dramatically in the coming years.

Whether it is to build followers on WeChat or developing a special campaign for each brand, Madhouse Inter-Ads believe that the inbound market from China is one that cannot be ignored and should be a successful strategy going forward for all businesses in Japan.

Eric & Danny would like to meet with:
– Any person or company interested in inbound or outbound Japan business.
– Contact them at

THIS EVENT SPONSORED BY Nathan and Caylon at HumbleBunny!!

I’m going to ask one or both of the guys to get up and introduce themselves and what they are seeing in regards to this months subject with their web services clients and prospective clients!

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