BIJ LinkedIn Live – Doing a Business Podcast in Japan

BIJ LinkedIn Live - Doing a Business Podcast in Japan

Doing a Business Podcast in Japan ft. Tyson Batino

11 March, 2024 – 12-1pm JST

Welcome to another BIJ LinkedIn Live themed discussion, featuring experienced startup founder and mentor Tyson Batino, as we explore his experience of building his very successful ‘Scaling Japan Podcast’.

In the discussion, we will explore key themes like:
👉 The current podcast landscape in Japan
👉 Why he decided to do a podcast in Japan
👉 What keeps him going with the series
👉 Some podcast topics that are still needed in Japan
👉 What it takes to succeed

As usual, the session will be hosted by Jason Ball, Steve and Matt

This will be an open and interactive discussion, and there will be time towards the second half of the session for questions with Tyson as well.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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