BIJ Membership Program

Exclusive opportunities and benefits through a supportive community focused on professional goals and connections in Japan.

Building a collaborative ecosystem: By joining forces with others interested in a professional life and or Business in or related to Japan, we can uncover synergies and create a powerful network, where everyone benefits. Your membership fuels our collaborative efforts, allowing us to share resources, solve challenges, and unlock exciting opportunities for each other’s success. This means you gain access to a supportive community, expert guidance, and a platform to achieve your goals.

There are 3 membership levels as follows:

¥10,000 / Year

Exclusive opportunities to actively engage and connect with the Business In Japan community and like-minded professionals.

  • Exclusive Events:
    Gain access to member-only events, providing valuable networking opportunities and insider insights.
  • Q&A Forum:
    Participate in our dedicated Q&A forum, where you can seek advice, share expertise, and stay informed on industry trends.
  • Expand Your Network:
    Connect with peers, mentors, and potential collaborators, expanding your professional network and opening doors to new opportunities.
  • Digital Membership Card:
    Litecard smartphone membership card. Compatible with Apple, Samsung and Google Wallet ecosystems.
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¥50,000 / Year

A dedicated network curated for professionals seeking growth and success in the Japanese business landscape.

  • Supporter Benefits:
    Enjoy all the benefits of the Supporter plan.
  • Direct Access to the Founder:
    Gain direct access to our founder for personalized advice and introductions, leveraging their expertise and network to propel your business forward.
  • Intimate Networking Dinners:
    Receive invitations to exclusive networking dinners, fostering meaningful connections with fellow members and industry leaders in an intimate setting.
  • Mastermind Sessions:
    Participate in exclusive Business in Japan Mastermind sessions, where you can collaborate, share insights, and gain valuable feedback from a select group of peers and experts.
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Let’s talk

Gain public recognition as trusted by BIJ and support to amplify your visibility beyond the BIJ community.

  • GoodPeople Benefits:
    Enjoy all the benefits of the GoodPeople plan.
  • Public Recognition:
    Showcase your commitment as a trusted BIJ partner with listing and promotion on the BIJ website and all our channels, enhancing your brand credibility.
  • Visibility: Receive support to amplify your presence within and beyond the community, leveraging our platform to strengthen your market positioning.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities:
    Access exclusive sponsorship opportunities, including participation at BIJ events, allowing you to showcase your brand, connect with key stakeholders.
  • Discounted Additional Memberships:
    Receive discounted rates on additional memberships for your team, empowering more members of your organization to benefit from our exclusive offerings.
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BIJ Partner / Corporate

Empowering face-to-face connections:

My goal with Business In Japan has always been to bring people together and foster meaningful connections that support careers and enterprises working with or in Japan. For over 16 years, this LinkedIn community has grown to almost 88,000 professionals and has been a valuable resource for networking, advice, and opportunities.

For those who would like to join, the new BIJ membership program and platform will help take our community to the next level by enabling even deeper engagement and partnership. Bringing BIJ Supporters and GoodPeople together in more exclusive online and in-person events that facilitate business discussions and relationship-building. This translates to more opportunities for you to network, build relationships, and tap into valuable insights in person.

Looking ahead
At launch, this program is just the beginning. I have an existing intention to help, and a “blue sky” goal to create an initiative that gives back to Japan, especially supporting Japanese small and medium-sized businesses with a need to survive. With the combined power of GoodPeople, we can make a real difference.

Additionally, were Business in Japan to evolve to this level of influence, core members & I could perhaps establish ourselves as an effective lobby group representing the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises, both foreign and domestic, in their dealings with the Japanese government. This would help promote policies supportive of entrepreneurship and strengthen Japan’s business environment. Helping everyone doing… Business in Japan.

Jason Ball