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Japanese TD-LTE Rare Bands

While Japan has no more global mobile phone manufacturers, it does have an unfound asset for international business. For companies involved in 4G enhancement (and later in 5G deployment), the Japanese mobile operators offer a unique source: “Japanese TD-LTE Rare Bands”. B42 (3,500 MHz) and B28 (700 MHz) are already used in Japan and will be increasingly used in Europe and Latin America. This can become a new business link between Japanese operators and especially European developers.

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Mika Mäkinen is the founder of mikAdvance, a consultancy helping foreign HiTech B2B companies to establish business and sales channels in North East Asia. mikAdvance’s clients are typically providing high-end, hardware-based solutions for mobile communications industry in the global market and are looking for cost efficient sales expansion in the demanding APAC markets.

Mika has been involved in APAC business since 1994, first in heavy machinery and the past 15 years in ICT businesses. He’s been in charge of various parts of APAC, having done most of his business in Japan (18 years resident), Korea (2 years resident), China (bi-monthly tours) and Taiwan (quarterly tours). Also as a former President of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (FCCJ) and a member of Board of Governors of the European (EU) Chamber of Commerce in Japan, he has become a bridge-builder between the Eastern and Western business cultures and social networks.

This article was originally posted on mikAdvance website.