Pitch, Fail, Recover: Mastering the Art of the Startup Pitch

Pitch, Fail, Recover: Mastering the Art of the Startup Pitch


May 30, 2024    
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Have you ever pitched your startup to an investor or prospect and didn’t get a win?

That’s probably the majority of startups out there, as these days only around 1% or less are able to raise funds.

However, history continues to show us that that a ‘No’ today, could still be a ‘Yes’ in the future. Join us for a bold and insightful session where we explore critical topics like:

👉 How to pitch more effectively
👉 Tailoring your pitch to your audience (investors vs prospects)
👉 How to use negative feedback for your benefit
👉 How to comeback from rejection and become more resilient
👉 The importance of mindset, community and resilience

This is an interactive discussion featuring 3 speakers from diverse backgrounds who will share their insights and experiences with the audience. There will also be time for Q&A at the end from the audience.

This is an open event, so we invite anyone interested in startups, tech or pitching to attend.

Featuring Matt Ainsworth, Thom Peace and our Special Guest David Castillo. Plus, this will be a hybrid event, so come and meet us in person – or catch it online.

RSVP via the link and hope to see many of you there!