Low-Risk, Hands-Off Japan Business Investment 🇯🇵

Low-Risk, Hands-Off Japan Business Investment 🇯🇵


September 5, 2022    
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


[BIJ Event] Monday September 5th 12pm JST~ | 1pm AEST
8pm PST | 11pm EDT | 4am BST | 5am CET | 8:30am IST

Low-Risk, Hands-Off Japan Business Investment 🇯🇵

Starting a business in Japan is an idea which appeals to many people, and is also one of the most popular paths to residency in the country.

Starting a business in a foreign country, however, can be daunting, challenging and fraught with risk – culture and language differences, an often alien consumer mentality and counter-intuitive, unique methods of marketing, advertising hiring and operating can all be significant and expensive hurdles to overcome.

Ziv Nakajima-Magen, our guest speaker, has been bridging the gap for foreigners investing in real estate property in Japan for over a decade, and has recently decided to bring his experience and expertise to bear on this challenge, by enabling foreigners to join some of Japan’s most interesting franchise chains as franchisees, offering them a fully hands-off, remotely manageable way of starting, operating and profiting their own business in Japan – as well as to support those of them doing so in applying for and obtaining a business manager visa and relocating to the land of the rising sun!

We hope to see you today & any Monday lunchtime JST, for more casual discussions about Japan & Business/Work subjects, interesting speakers & panel guests.

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WHAT: Low-Risk, Hands-Off Japan Business Investment 🇯🇵
WHEN: Monday, September 5th 2022, 12pm to 1:30pm~ JST
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