Helping Foreigner professionals Thrive in Japan (Audio-only from Clubhouse – and join on Zoom!)


April 12, 2021    
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


[BIJ Event] Monday 4/12 12pm JST
6am PDT | 9am EDT | 2pm GMT | 3pm CEST

Helping Foreigner professionals Thrive in Japan

Katheryn Gronauer is a trainer and coach who helps savvy professionals bypass culture shock faster than the speed of a bullet train. Join her for a discussion about transitioning to life in Japan 🇯🇵

You can listen in on Zoom or Clubhouse! While Clubhouse is an iPhone only, Audio-only, invite-only new Social Media platform, we will stream the audio from Clubhouse into Zoom.

If there is time during Q&A, AMA, Zoom attendees can use Chat to have a moderator ask a question on your behalf!

As this is a Clubhouse App Event, streamed into Zoom with the permission of the speakers, it’s Audio only, listen only (iPhone only, Audio-only, invite-only new Social Media platform).

Due to the Audio originating in Clubhouse, priority for Q&A will be given to people on Clubhouse App ‘Drop-in, Audio-only Chat’. To attend on Clubhouse & have a chance to raise your hand to ask questions in the Q&A that follows, where people are ‘brought up on stage’ in an AMA format within Clubhouse only you’ll need to be a member of Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is still currently in Beta, is iPhone Only, invite Only. There are already 7M people on the platform and thousands of Audio chats going on at any one time globally, 24/7. Japan is the second biggest market, number of users at this time.

For Zoom attendees, time allowing we will take some questions from the Zoom audience by Chat on a first come first service basis and best effort, based on volume of people on stage in Clubhouse.

If / when you join the waitlist for Clubhouse, anyone on the platform who knows your iPhone number ‘may’ get a notification that you are on the waitlist, and that they can let you in without using one of their limited Invitations, or they can send you an invite if they have one to your phone (ensuring they look in their contacts to check it is correct).

News: as of April 2021 the founders of Clubhouse are saying Android version is ‘weeks away’!