[Clubhouse BIJ Event] SaaS, Startups, being Acquired and Angel Investing

[Clubhouse BIJ Event] SaaS, Startups, being Acquired and Angel Investing


March 22, 2021    
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


**[Clubhouse BIJ Event] Monday March 22nd, 12pm JST

SaaS, Startups, being Acquired & Angel Investing

From Enron, to Entrepreneurship, Telco, Internet, SaaS, Startups, to being Acquired and Angel Investing in Japan – come join Paul Chapman and myself chatting to Jim Weisser share his experience & learnings on his entrepreneurial journey, along with founder to exit kohai Marty Roberts of enTouch KK

You’ll need to be a member of the new Clubhouse App ‘Drop-in, Audio-only Chat’ to attend this presentation followed by Q&A by people being ‘brought up on stage’ in an AMA format.

Clubhouse is still currently in Beta, is iPhone Only, invite Only. There are already 7M people on the platform and thousands of Audio chats going on at any one time globally, 24/7.

Japan is the second biggest market, number of users at this time.

If / when you join the waitlist, anyone on the platform who knows your iPhone number ‘may’ get a notification that you are on the waitlist, and that they can let you in without using one of their limited Invitations, or they can send you an invite if they have one to your phone (ensuring they look in their contacts to check it is correct).