[Clubhouse BIJ Event] One Month in Tohoku: An Englishwoman’s memoir on life after the Japanese tsunami


March 11, 2021    
9:00 pm - 10:00 pm


[Clubhouse BIJ Event] Thursday March 11th, 9pm JST | 12pm GMT | 7am EST | 4am PST

On March 11th, 2011 at 2:46pm, I (Jason) was on the 17F of a building on reclaimed land in Tennozu Isle, Tokyo, when the building shook for over 5 minutes – that is a very long time, far longer than any of the many much gentler quakes I had felt in my 8 years in Japan at the time.

Where were you?

What we were feeling was much worse up north over 200km’s away, and worse, off the coast sparking a huge Tsunami that swept inland up and down the coast, devastating multiple communities and claiming around 16,000 lives. Much of the brunt of the Tsunami hit Tohoku, northern Japan.

Join us on Clubhouse to hear Englishwoman, Caroline Pover’s story of the past decade in Oshika, in Miyagi prefecture, including reflections on how the international business community in Japan and the power of networking contributed to the relief effort. Indeed as well as co-organizing events, donating myself, I (Jason) was privileged to be given the opportunity to drive one of the many van loads being sent up to Northern Japan, just days after the earthquake, delivering donated food, water & much needed goods to Rikuzentakata in Iwate prefecture.

Hosted by Business In Japan & Jason Ball, presenting Caroline Pover on her book tour, with stories from her new book:

One Month in Tohoku: An Englishwoman’s memoir on life after the Japanese tsunami

About Caroline Pover
Auntie, Author, Pickler, Speaker, Volunteer

“One Month in Tohoku: An Englishwoman’s Memoir on Life after the Japanese Tsunami”
Book Cover

*Plymouth Top Ten Women of the Year
*Japan-British Society Award for Contributions to Japanese-UK Relations
*International Women’s Day Outstanding Service Award
*British Business Award for Best Entrepreneur
*FEW Award for Contributions to the Foreign Women’s Community in Japan
*Body Confidence Awards Nominee for “I Love My Bum” TED Talk

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