[Clubhouse BIJ Event] Japan Market Expansion, Entry & Research

[Clubhouse BIJ Event] Japan Market Expansion, Entry & Research


March 10, 2021    
9:00 pm - 10:00 pm


[Clubhouse BIJ Event] Wednesday March 10th, 9pm JST | 12pm GMT | 7am EST | 4am PST

For anyone interesting in Business in, with or related to the Japan Market, be it Market ResearchMarket Entry or Market Expansion – join us for tips and insights from experts & to ask them questions.

Business In Japan if you are new to Events & Rooms we do, is a 13 year old LinkedIn group (one of the early groups on the platform) with 63,500+ members, about 1/3 or 20,000+ members Japan based. Doing Webinars also, stand by for future Events!

The Expert Panel: Their businesses and their expertise
Rupert Sutton Market Entry and Research Consultant & Partner at Weben Asia Limited, specialising in consumer and healthcare, with expertise is uncovering significant consumer, shopper & customer insights, route to market and brand portfolio strategy
Dominic Carter CEO of The Carter Group, a consumer insights practitioner and entrepreneur, who has devoted his career to assisting international clients plan successful strategies to address the opportunities they have in Japan – Dominic Unmasks Japan
Robert McGuinness CEO of Prana Life Japan, and a specialist with Japan Beauty Market Entry
Christopher Brennan Market Intelligence Research Professional & Executive at MCIB Partners, delivering customized research and advisory projects targeting all major industries in the Japan and AP markets

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Japan is the second biggest market, number of users at this time.

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