CANCELLED: The Weaponization of AI and its Impacts on Cybersecurity

CANCELLED: The Weaponization of AI and its Impacts on Cybersecurity


February 27, 2020    
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Shinagawa East One Tower, 7F 2-16-1, Kounan Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 108-0075
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Due to the global health emergency caused by the COVID19, new corona virus outbreak, advice from the Japanese Government to limit unnecessary public gatherings, and the Sponsors decision – this event will be rescheduled later in the year.

A Webinar would be another option. If anyone has an idea of or an account for a good platform allowing 40-100 attendees, I’d love to chat.

Business in Japan (BIJ), bring you Rohit Kapoor, VP of Tekmonks and he is joined by Kirt Cathey a Japan based Cyber Security, Incident Response, Vulnerability & Penetration Testing, Threat Hunting, and Security Compliance Expert from SysRisk, for this presentation on how AI is impacting Cybersecurity.


Rohit Kapoor, VP, Tekmonks

Kirt Cathey, Head of Cyber Security, SysRisk



The topic of his talk is Cybersecurity trends for 2020 and the next decade. Rohit will be discussing the rise of AI, but not from a defensive but an offensive perspective – The weaponization of AI and its impacts on Cybersecurity.

Many people have heard of AI, and its uses for automating processes, tasks, or using AI for conversational user interfaces, perhaps even using AI for Cybersecurity. However, like any technology invented by humans, AI can and is being used for both good and bad.

Not many people are aware of the use of AI for offensive purposes, specifically, hackers using AI and AI-based algorithms for evaluating Enterprise systems for vulnerabilities and launching most complex and complicated Cyberattacks which humans are unable to defend against.

For example, DeepLocker is a proof of concept of a new breed of AI weapons which use Deep Learning Neural Networks to hide their malicious intentions until a particular targeted individual has been reached. Such attacks can hide for months or even years inside an organization before detonating with devastating consequences. Similarly, SNAP_R is a social engineering based spearfishing botnet, which is even better than humans at targeting and luring attack victims. In testing, it proved to be 500% better than humans at Spearfishing attacks.

In his presentation Rohit will talk about the these and other emerging trends in Cybersecurity and how Corporations and Governments must take action today, to be able to defend against them.


In his talk, Kirt asks “When a cybersecurity service or product vendor drops the AI buzzword… is it really AI, or is it trend or associative response? Where does AI affect your privacy and how is AI used in cybersecurity products?”

Full Bios:

Rohit Kapoor is a Cybersecurity expert and a tech Entrepreneur, with 18 years of experience, and specializing in working with Fortune 100 companies, and Governments. He has advised clients on building secure solutions and advising on Cybersecurity issues.

His current area of expertise is in Cybersecurity and AI, and the upcoming AI based Cyberattacks, and how Governments and large Enterprises can take measures now to avoid them.

Very strong innovation skills. Holding the title of the youngest IBM Master Inventor with a patent portfolio of over 48 patents, across the globe, spread over Cybersecurity, AI, Middleware, and Mobile technologies.

An MBA in Finance from Chicago Booth School of Business, USA; was on Dean’s Honor List. Previously graduated in Computer Science from the University of Alberta, Canada, with a perfect GPA of 9.0/9.0.

In the past, Rohit has also led Red Hat’s JBoss and IBM’s WebSphere brands in USA and Canada as a senior Security and Enterprise Architect.

Kirt Cathey is a bilingual (English/Japanese) Cyber Security Expert who has deep experience with Incident Response, Vulnerability & Penetration Testing, Threat Hunting, and Security Compliance here in Japan, with extensive technical experience and education combined with Big Four experience in information security, cyber intelligence, information security management, training, governance, risk, and audit within heavily controlled environments in finance. Over 10 years of IT implementation and administration experience, combined with nine years of cyber security, governance, audit, and quality experience.

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WHAT: The Weaponization of AI and its Impacts on Cybersecurity
WHEN: Thursday, February 27, 2020, 7pm to 9:00pm
ADDRESS: 〒108-0075 Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, 2-16-1, Kounan, Shinagawa East One Tower 7F
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FOOD & DRINK: includes a variety of food choices, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks
PRICE: JPY1,000 /per person

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