[BIJ Webinar] Starting a Business In Japan: two (+1) Entrepreneurs share their story

[BIJ Webinar] Starting a Business In Japan: two (+1) Entrepreneurs share their story


June 30, 2020    
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


The Business in Japan Group (BIJ) centered around a 12yo+ LinkedIn Group, is an online and offline Community of people interested in doing Business In, With and Related to Japan. It isn’t limited to people in Business though. More than that it is a community for anyone when it comes to their professional lives, in or related to Japan.

Though not all members are in Business (58,500+), in these challenging times especially, many people are or will be voluntarily, or unexpectedly looking at how they might diversify, or replace their income with anything from a side gig to building a fully fledged business.

Tough times for many businesses in Japan led Robert Heldt Founder and President of Custom Media here in Tokyo to launch a new platform and community called; Connect to help SME’s in Japan.

Connect is a dedicated digital marketplace offering SMEs, entrepreneurs, independent businesses and other local companies in Japan much-needed free visibility and valuable promotion to audiences that they may not have been able to connect with previously to help all of us get through this uncharted economy.

This Webinar, after an update from Robert on the Connect Platform and how started and it is evolving, will be a casual chat with two members who joined the Connect Platform, who have of course Started a Business In Japan – two Entrepreneurs who will share their story:

Katheryn Gronauer started THRIVE TOKYO. She is an Executive Trainer & Coach for High-Level Professionals for Business Culture in Japan, and a Consultant & Program Delivery for Professionals & Spouses, helping them with Orientation to Living in Japan. Thrive Tokyo delivers an opportunity for people to learn how to live, work, and thrive in Japan through cultural programs.

Fabien Brogard Cipriani in CEO and founder of HirePlanner.com – Japanese bilingual cloud Recruiting Management System designed to help companies build great teams, maximize their job postings exposure, simplify and automate their HR hiring process, attract great talent and reduce their average cost per hire. Born in France, raised in Africa, 15 years and counting, Fabien made the jump to his own business after developing a passion for what the Industry was missing, while working in sales operations of CareerCross.com (a Job Board for bilinguals here in Japan) and then in Talent Acquisition at Apple and Tesla Motors for Japan and Korea.

Robert Heldt/ of course is also an Entrepreneur, and has his own experience starting and building a business through many phases and by the nature of his business, has also met many, many others who have started businesses. We’re looking forward to his input in the conversation also!

With BIJ Webinars we intend to provide GoodPeople being impacted by the COVID19 crisis or preparing for impact, with information they can use and introduce people in the BIJ Community to share their story; who they are, what they do, how you can help them, and how they can help you!

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WHAT: [BIJ Webinar] Starting a Business In Japan – two Entrepreneurs share their story
‘Connect’ with your local Business community [003]

WHEN: Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 7pm to 8:45pm
WEBINAR URL: https://telemeet.teleworkr.com/BIJ_Webinar

RSVP please: https://businessinjapan.doorkeeper.jp/events/107746


Connect with:
Jason https://jp.linkedin.com/in/goodpeople
Robert Heldt https://www.linkedin.com/in/robertheldt/
Katheryn Gronauer https://www.linkedin.com/in/katheryngronauer/
Fabien Brogard Cipriani https://www.linkedin.com/in/fbc01/

Sponsors Tekmonks:
Rohit Kapoor https://www.linkedin.com/in/rohitvkapoor/
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