[BIJ Webinar] Hospitality Business in Japan… in 2020: Responses to COVID

[BIJ Webinar] Hospitality Business in Japan... in 2020: Responses to COVID


October 27, 2020    
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Many of you (BIJ) GoodPeople’ know Robert Heldt, Founder and President of Custom Media here in Tokyo. For those who don’t let me introduce you to him again in this casual BIJ Webinar, and let him update us all on the free platform and community Custom Media have launched; Connect.

Connect is a dedicated digital marketplace offering SMEs, entrepreneurs, independent businesses and other local companies in Japan much-needed free visibility and valuable promotion to audiences that they may not have been able to connect with previously to help all of us get through this uncharted economy.

Following Robert’s introduction and update on Connect, I’ll introduce three SME Business Owners involved in the Hospitality Industry here in Japan, (who have joined ‘Connect’ too), to tell us a little bit about themselves and their businesses. We’ll hear how things were going pre-COVID-19, and how they were impacted when it hit. This is a casual chat between these three Business Owners to share their story with everyone, talk to each other too about what’s worked for them, what didn’t perhaps, and any plans they have for the future.


For 20 years now Traci and The Pink Cow have built a creative arts and business community and provided a space for diverse activities. Their business model has been an often precarious balance of the California-Mexican Restaurant and online delivery side driving the revenue stream and the side that dedicates time and resources to the fun, spiritual and community building side of life. The restaurant industry is challenging even in good times so during the long and ongoing COVID situation Traci has been more reliant than ever on her love of outside the box thinking and creative solutions. She is a true believer of going through windows, and that opportunities are the flip side of difficulties. It’s how you look at things. Her degrees from the University of California Santa Barbara in Fine Arts and Religious Studies have served her well in training her brain to look for alternative realities.

From Australia, Josh has 25 years professional cooking experience and both Chef & Owner of venues in Australia and Japan.

Recipient of 1 cup in Sydney Morning Herald coffee guide 4 years running, 1 and 2 Star recipient Sydney Morning Herald cheap eats guide, MTV Australia Best Burger top 10 and Timeout Sydney best 20 Breakfasts, Josh is currently living and running Food service businesses in Japan, based in Niigata city and delivering food Japan wide!

  • Kyoko Nagano, CEO Mypal Inc., Director Sake Lovers Inc. & Hakko Farm Inc.

A Japanese national who has lived 17 years abroad in 4 countries, Kyoko came back to Japan in 2016. Having worked as an executive secretary in banking, insurance and medical, she decided to leave the corporate life in 2018 and launched Mypal inc., an inbound tourism company that represents cultural experts as their agent.

In the same year, Kyoko and a friend also launched Sake Lovers inc. to support small craft sake breweries and in 2019 she established another company featuring Japan’s fermented food, called Hakko Farm. All 3 businesses are centered around Japanese culture.

During COVID-19, she worked even harder to pivot struggling businesses and created online contents in Udemy, online Sake brewery tours with Sake tastings and more.

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WHAT: [BIJ Webinar] Hospitality Business in Japan… in 2020: Responses to COVID
WHEN: Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 7pm to 8:30pm
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