About Us

Business In Japan grew from and supports a LinkedIn group of the same name that was founded in February 2008. Currently there are nearly 70,000 ‘BIJ’ members, 35% of them Japan based. If you have an interest in Japan and business you’re in the right place. This website aims to provide increasing value to people like yourself and we welcome your ideas as well as your involvement.

If you’re not yet a member of Business In Japan on LinkedIn you can join here:
Business In Japan on LinkedIn

Extending the LinkedIn group

One of the main reasons for starting a Web presence to support the Business In Japan Group is that LinkedIn is frankly a tough platform to build value and manage an online community.

Everything from core structure, functionality and user experience, to admin restrictions and auto moderation – all are not at all supportive from a community management and indeed member use perspective too.

With our own web presence we can build value for those interested in Japan and Business and for those wanting to reach that audience, and we can evolve to be and provide what the community tells us they value. Here holds the promise we can build what we want, what you want.

All this, AND the LinkedIn Business In Japan group. There is no intention to retire the group, despite LinkedIn’s past actions demonstrating they saw little value in Groups nor want to support Owners and Admin in growing them. Indeed in recent times, LinkedIn seem to be improving the LinkedIn group product, so we hope that offers more to our online community soon too!

Stick around and feel free to let me know if I might help you
G’day, I’m Jason, an Australian living in Japan for well over a decade, the owner and the main admin of the BIJ website and LinkedIn group.

I have done a lot of professional or business related Networking in that time, continuously in fact, and developed a bit of a name for “Connecting GoodPeople” (aka, a “fixer”).

For years I made it a point to only introduce people ‘in person’, and it has been a very effective way of making a connection between two or many people as well as growing a professional network in size, strength and value here in Japan.
My personal hope is that over time Business in Japan will become a key reference point for anyone needing insight about Japan and Business.

Feel free to reach out any time.