5 Lessons I Learned From Starting a Business in Japan

Can foreigners start and build successful businesses in Japan? Is it worth risking a comfortable full-time job and heading down a path of uncertainty? The answer I think is a resounding yes. There are a lot of challenges, highs and lows and here are 5 lessons I learned from starting my business in Japan…. click on through to read all about them:

1-skill learning is steep 2-solve a real problem in japan 3-be prepared for the naysaters 4-use your network 5-japan opens up for entrepreneurs

Ian Michie first came to Japan in 2007 to teach English, but left 2 years later for Germany to work in the events and marketing industry for an American firm. By 2014 he had gone back to Australia to complete his MBA and then returned to Japan to further his career in the marketing and exhibitions industry, this time at a Japanese firm. In 2016 he shifted his career to pursue his own business, InnerSpeaker Consulting, “connecting you to your market in Japan”.

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