4 cost-effective steps to present your startup to the Japanese market [Summary]

This is a summary of a good article from Hayataki-san’s Blog and the original article is here

Hayataki-san presents his opinion that…

“There are four primary challenges when entering the market in Japan”

  1. Low English proficiency among the general population,
  2. an inclination to prefer domestic brands,
  3. a shortage of Japanese marketing agencies that do business with foreign companies, the consequently high prices of the domestic Japanese marketing agencies
  4. and lack of Japanese market knowledge at non-Japanese marketing agencies.”


Actually not restricted to ‘startups’, Hayataki-san then goes on to introduce a number of actionable tips to help you penetrate the Japanese market. In Summary:

  • Don’t be stingy with the translation of important texts.
    • Copywriting translation will increase your sales
    • You can reach the right clients and earn a higher placement on search engine results pages
  • Advertise your website on the Google search engine results page and get your website found in Japan
    • How to maximize ROI in a nutshell
    • How to use Google Adwords for SEO
  • Don’t wait any longer! Reach out to clients, the media, and market influencers
  • Get exposure in your home market first
  • Hire country managers

There are some good little nuggets of perspective and information under these points so I encourage you to read the whole article here:

4 cost-effective steps to present your startup to the Japanese market

You can connect with Hayataki-san on LinkedIn Here or cut and past this URL https://www.linkedin.com/in/masaharuhayataki

This Summary was written by Jason Ball, a “Fixer” and people Connector, in Tokyo